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Best New Singers

WIRN is dedicated to finding new singers and get their voices heard. Send us your demo for review. If we like it, we will load them on our site and keep playing for a while giving you a chance to get noticed in the music industry.

Top Musicians

If you are making new kinds of music, send a piece to us for a review. If we like your music we will play it on our site and keep playing for a while. Perhaps some other people will like them too and may open up some opportunities.

Pop Music

If you make pop music, you maybe in better luck. As the pop is most popular, we may list your music sooner. However, keep in mind your competition in pop music will be also much fiercer. So hopefullt you are good, very good.

Hip Hop Artists

If you are hip hop artist, please send us your music, we will list them in the appropriate section. The first number one on the R&B Hip Hop chart was “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Think you have a song that can beat it? We would like to hear.

Open-minded Music Fans

WIRN prides itself for having the most open-minded music fans out there today. Fans here accepts new artists with open ears. Fans here try to look beyond their personal prejudices and sees the real talents in new artists.

Website Design

Leading Toronto Web Design Company helped us build this website. Please hive them a shout out if you like the website design and in need of a website for yourself. Give them feedback on how to make this site better.

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