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How Cats React To Certain Frequencies in Music

snow cat

There has been a lot of research done on animals to understand the impact of music on them. To humans, music has various effects; it can calm, relax, excite and even make someone sad. But, does music have any effect on cats? Some animals, especially dogs, find music, mostly classical, to be soothing. The latest study […]


Shaka Banton The recording artist song writer producer from Texas

shaka banton

Shaka Banton is a recording artist song writer producer from Texas. Shaka knows the struggle. He uses his music to escape the oppression in his environment. Shaka is the ceo of his own radio podcast station power1200 rich nation on & sam, also Shaka has his own record label curvedogg records a […]


The Naddiks RagTop


With “RagTop” you get some heavy influences in the punk rock and EDM genres which creates a tune that really engulfs the listener into their sound. Yosef being influenced by ‘Nacho on Venezuelan Music, Skrillex, Martin Garrix and Hardwell on the EDM and dubstep side’. The track starts with some intense synths and pretty epic […]