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Track Seven Band Releases New Video The Try and The Fail

track seven band

Artist: Track Seven Band Song: The Try and The Fail EP: The Try and The Fail Director: Brian Gregory Bio: Website: This week Track Seven Band released their video from the project, the title track — “The Try An The Fail.” The EP is a call to action, and a therapeutic piece of music for the […]


A&L’s 7th single Tell Me When it’s Over

tell me when its over by A&L

A&L’s 7th single Tell Me When it’s Over bridges the gap between today’s Pop and Rock genres. With a melody that will make you sing, killer guitar riffs and a bass line that will make you dance. Pure Pop Rock! “We need more guitar on mainstream radio” says Anthony Casuccio, the “A” in A&L. “That’s […]


Not Too Far to Reach – Jake Ward

Not Too Far to Reach – Jake Ward

Jake Ward was born on the southern shore (Gulf Coast) and with very different musical traditions running through his veins. Country music can often seem to be full of predictable pitfalls and cliches. But there are few artists who paint very different pictures even whilst using the same palette of musical colours like Jake. Even […]


FrancMill – Eazy (Life Of An Artist)

FrancMill - Eazy (Life Of An Artist)

The Second week of January 2018 will go down in history as a tough week for both black people, as H&M, a popular clothing store, released a campaign showing a young black boy wearing a sweater with a derogatory slogan Written on it. The words : Coolest monkey in the jungle. Then the president of […]


Celeste Buckingham’s Amazing Child Prodigy Songwriting


Continuing our series of posts detailing Celeste’s continuing rise to fame and success, this time we’re focussing on her start in songwriting and the release of her debut single, Blue Guitar in 2011. Tracking Celeste’s rise and progress over the years gives a fantastic insight into her as a person and the challenges that have […]


Steve Ryan The Singer Songwriter Author

Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan has released 3 full length albums, authored 4 books, co-written 5 books, narrated over 100 book projects for publishing companies and authors and has other various acting credits.  He’s affiliated with multiple organisations in which some of the best in his industries are members of. He is a voting member in NARAS (Grammy™ […]