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Rossemberg Maza Drops New Video

rozzemberg maza

Multilingual musician Rossemberg Maza is back with another hit after 3 years of working on his music. After getting his first two Billboard Chart hits as a teen, he has cultivated his music career. Maza doesn’t conform to any one genre, and that is apparent in his upcoming album ‘A Bad Guy’. ‘Eat It Too […]


Hossein Hostey Teymoori has released several projects

Hossein Hostey Teymoori

Hossein Hostey Teymoori, better known by his stage name Hostey, is an Iranian producer from Tehran, Iran that is currently a popular member of the Push Power Promo music network. Currently 24, Hostey has been working in music production since he was 13 years old. His signature music production software is FL studio. He is […]


Sicc stops by to talk about music


Sicc stops by to talk about music, entertainment and early inspirations. How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job? Sicc: Strict scheduling and extra efforts always help balance the scales between; mate, children, and work. Which famous musicians have you learned from? Sicc: ‎Well I’ve learned from alot if different […]