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Hip hop phenomenon BADD NEWZ

Badd Newz

The summer is slowly creeping upon us and everyone is in argument about who’s music is about to run the climaxed season, but hip hop phenomenon “BADD NEWZ” is definelty on time to make himself a front runner towards that question! Presently established in Phenix City, AL, this southern native has expanded his roots to […]


New Music Coming from Video 4.0

video 4.0

Video is an Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Performer/Writer.  He was born in Rochester, New York; Raised in Miami.  Although Miami is his home, he is now based in Orlando, Florida. Author of 3 published books, Video is no stranger to writing. He is raising the standard in the music industry without any ghost-writers. Find his music on Spotify: Video’s style, look and buzz has taken […]


Jeppe Jay new EP “Over you” released on April 12

jeppe jay new release

Artist name: Jeppe Jay EP name: Over You Jeppe Jay is a Swedish artist and songwriter and his new EP “Over you” was released on April 12. Fun fact about Jeppe Jay: He learnt to hold his breath up to 4 minutes because of his earlier career as a rapper. He can memorize a deck […]


SixTwoSeven is an alternative rock and roll band out of Gig Harbor


SixTwoSeven is an alternative rock and roll band out of Gig Harbor, Washington created by Greg Bilderback. Bilderback later brought Michael Knapp in to help produce. Also playing bass Knapp helped Bilderback establish the original line up of SixTwoSeven in 2016. After bringing in Drummer David Cook, Bilderback & Knapp brought in siblings Jason and Matt Bilderback before heading into […]