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Actor Rodrigo Rocha in SSW of The Border

SSW of the Border Rodrigo Rocha

Actor Rodrigo Rocha is moving forward in his journey of acting in movies. After taking many roles in different movies, he is preparing for a lead role in a feature indie movie, “SSW Of The Border”. It was set to start production in the first quarter of 2019, the film is projected to be released […]


Sharmila releasing DNA Damage in late 2019

Netherland Songtress Sharmila

It is no surprise that many new artists in the R&B and pop realm were inspired by the boy band wave of the late ‘80s and ‘90s. From New Kids on the Block to N’SYNC, young minds everywhere were molded into believing they too could one sing and dance on stage. One of them being […]


A German Techno-Producer and DJ Bebuquin

Bebuquin is a german Techno-Producer and DJ

Bebuquin is a german Techno-Producer and DJ. He is living in the northern-german city Bremen and makes music since 2011; doing Gigs in various clubs and on a few festivals. The style is rough but deep!