2ndVerse Hit The Scene with A Quiet but Confident Precision


2ndVerse is a group who has seemingly come from nowhere has hit the scene with a quiet but confident precision. Something similar to how an icon enters a room, no announcement to be said of like royalty but more of a declaration of presence with hard hitting tracks such as Communication with Oshea, Bad Thing with an artist by the name of Rich Wave, and of course the star of the hour Traditions which was produced by the famous producer Doc Ish. Securing features from notables and making them work well is no easy task. These artists are either planning something methodically or are just striking dumb luck over and over. Traditions is as solid of a track as a casual and die hard hip hop fan would want. Their delivery is calm, melodic and sings of yesteryear. The production is as solid as you would hope and the feature of Jsph Lior aka Nov The Zoner is an appropriate addition. They have a slant towards the salacious and this theme is apparent through their existing repertoire. A definite recommendation from where this fan/critic of hip hop stands. Follow them at any of their social profiles below.

Written by
Jeffrey Collins