Frado180 is a hip hop instrumental artist from NY, NY.

step into mi vida

House music is now so enmeshed within the musical vernacular that it’s unique vibe can be found scattered through the most commodified of genres: Hip hop, pop, EDM. As DJ Sprinkles reflects it perfectly, “house music is controllable desire you can own.” Nobody controlled it perfectly and enriched it more by channelling the desire for […]


Katherine Appello is an Italian-American NY artist

Katherine Appello

Katherine Appello is an Italian-American NY artist and blogger, focusing on self-development, and spirituality, seeking to inspire, and empower, as well as bring a spiritual core to the work she does. She finds her influences come from what she sees, or a in a book, or a poem, and other times,, stuff just comes tto […]


Actor Rodrigo Rocha in SSW of The Border

SSW of the Border Rodrigo Rocha

Actor Rodrigo Rocha is moving forward in his journey of acting in movies. After taking many roles in different movies, he is preparing for a lead role in a feature indie movie, “SSW Of The Border”. It was set to start production in the first quarter of 2019, the film is projected to be released […]


Sharmila releasing DNA Damage in late 2019

Netherland Songtress Sharmila

It is no surprise that many new artists in the R&B and pop realm were inspired by the boy band wave of the late ‘80s and ‘90s. From New Kids on the Block to N’SYNC, young minds everywhere were molded into believing they too could one sing and dance on stage. One of them being […]


Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music notes since 2001


Listen To “We Outchea (W.O.S.A)” by Lyricast: He who had a dream, and milked it to reality; Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music notes since 2001, marked him. Work can always be fun if one loves what they do. High school to College days molded beyond free-lunch ways of the Juicy Juice. Challenged by re-living […]


The Black City from Turin are performing the best of all things soul music

the black city funk tour Since 2015 The Black City from Turin are performing the best of all things soul music. In 2019 with the Wake Up. The Funk tour, the band skilled in the genre of funk, soul, rock and blues, take their eclectic fusion on the road in Europe. Infected by that signature funky groove that gets […]


Linda Washington Releases Take me I’m Yours

Linda Washington

New artist Linda Washington releases new single. Here is what she had to say about herself: My name is Linda Washington and I am a published author and a recording artist and I am a nurse. I am a breast cancer survivor I wrote my song( take me I’m yours) to help other survivors to […]


Retrograde by kiralittlemusic

independent artist Kira

Independent artist Kira is working on some singles. Here is what she says about herself: My name is Kira, and I am a 20 year old artist currently attending cal poly pomona. I am an independent artist who is looking to share my music with anyone who is willing to listen. I have been writing […]


How MP3legit is Improving the Music Experience

mp3 player

Many people have forgotten that MP3s are the best way to get music. With many different music and streaming sites arising, people want more and more options with their music. MP3s deliver some of the best quality and best value for your dollar. If you want to check out the latest and greatest MP3s, there […]


Rapper Jalen McMillan Set to Release EP Triple Threat

Jalen McMillan

Tallahassee, FL– Rapper Jalen McMillan is set to release his groundbreaking new single and EP Triple Threat on May 17, 2019.  The new album  includes three songs entitled, Azz Back,  Call My Name, Nykee, and one bonus track, “Keep it 1000.”  Call My Name has already been released and has gone instantly viral on Soundcloud. […]


Producer, rapper, and songwriter NorsePrez


Artist bio: Producer, rapper, and songwriter NorsePrez — born in Oslo, Norway, also known as StreetMinisteR — rose steadily from his poetic background, combining his passion for sounds and wordplay into an aspiring musical career. Coming out of his Brugata studio with his spanish cousin and DJ, they are set to keep pushing the boundaries […]


Lachi is back with new single Fire

Lachi Lynx

WEBSITE: ARTICLE: Lachi is back with new single “Fire” with Danish producer Lynx Lachi started out 2018 with a bang, releasing hit Drum and Bass track “Go” with Maduk and girl power anthem “What I Want” with Julian Javan. Now she’s back with a dirty uptempo dance track “Fire;” a collaboration with award nominated Danish […]


Rob Georg Latest Release Song Ghost

Rob Georg Ghost

During your life, you sometimes lose your loved ones. By death, abandonment, conscious decision of one’s own, or simply because you are too busy with your work or circumstances in life, you could not stay in touch. Yet, you can’t get certain people out of your head, even if they have not been part of your life for […]


Ace Diamond drifts into your sub-consciousness

ace diamond

GET YOUR BOOGIE WOOGIE WORKIN’ BIO: Ace Diamond drifts into your sub-consciousness and haunts your every thought throughout the record. The sharp stabbing guitar and throbbing, thumping bass sound is at once abnormal and completely familiar; as though the soundtrack to your nostalgic hallucinations has been presented openly for your eyes and ears […]


Midnight Brewers – Ross Snaith and Hamish MacNamara

midnight brewers

The Midnight Brewers – Two lads on their quest to compose a variety of musical tunes from makeshift bedroom studios. All of the songs are written, recorded, mixed and produced by Ross Snaith and Hamish MacNamara. We’ve released three albums and three EP’s since 31st December 2016. We even released a Christmas single. Our new […]


Dj and Artist Sofia Valentini Stuns With Her First Brand Song

sofia valentini

JOSCHE SCHAEKAR CCW MUSIC Ph: 4159009811 INQUIRY@CCW.COMPANY DJ & ARTIST SOFIA VALENTINI STUNS IN FIRST EVER BRAND SONG FOR A FASHION COMPANY Sofia Valentini a.k.a @beatsnbeauty unites all fashion snobs in catchy single “ You Can’t Sit With US“. San Francisco, California:  California born European luxury brand JOS&SOF is the first ever company to produce […]


Cirex just released a new track called: 3:11 AM


Cirex just released a new track called: “3:11 AM”. Charged with extreme sounds of Drum and Bass and Neurofunk, Cirex fully delivers his metal influences into this electronic track. Cirex, who real name is Eric Ortiz, has been doing music since Myspace’s days, platform were the Producer gained popularity at the end of 2000’s. 3:11AM […]


The JungleMico Project Surprise


The JungleMico Project led by the well-known electronic Chinese Producer/DJ/Drummer: MICO,  breaks through the boundaries of traditional electronic music. It brings a completely new musical experience to its audience. In 2015, the debut album “Roaming” was nominated and won the Best Electronic Artist Nomination for Asian Chinese Music Media Awards. MICO was also nominated for […]


Kid Loose Singles Released April 25, 2019

Kid Loose is one of the most Charismatic DJs in the industry. He launched his twenty year DJ career in 90’s at the California Dance Music scene. Being a House Music aficionado, his passion and the ear for innovative music made him stand out in the highly competitive Californian music industry. Although performed with the most talented […]


Hip hop phenomenon BADD NEWZ

Badd Newz

The summer is slowly creeping upon us and everyone is in argument about who’s music is about to run the climaxed season, but hip hop phenomenon “BADD NEWZ” is definelty on time to make himself a front runner towards that question! Presently established in Phenix City, AL, this southern native has expanded his roots to […]


New Music Coming from Video 4.0

video 4.0

Video is an Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Performer/Writer.  He was born in Rochester, New York; Raised in Miami.  Although Miami is his home, he is now based in Orlando, Florida. Author of 3 published books, Video is no stranger to writing. He is raising the standard in the music industry without any ghost-writers. Find his music on Spotify: Video’s style, look and buzz has taken […]


Jeppe Jay new EP “Over you” released on April 12

jeppe jay new release

Artist name: Jeppe Jay EP name: Over You Jeppe Jay is a Swedish artist and songwriter and his new EP “Over you” was released on April 12. Fun fact about Jeppe Jay: He learnt to hold his breath up to 4 minutes because of his earlier career as a rapper. He can memorize a deck […]


SixTwoSeven is an alternative rock and roll band out of Gig Harbor


SixTwoSeven is an alternative rock and roll band out of Gig Harbor, Washington created by Greg Bilderback. Bilderback later brought Michael Knapp in to help produce. Also playing bass Knapp helped Bilderback establish the original line up of SixTwoSeven in 2016. After bringing in Drummer David Cook, Bilderback & Knapp brought in siblings Jason and Matt Bilderback before heading into […]


Vinny Vibe and The Bootleg King Lodato Join Forces


Vinny Vibe and the bootleg king Lodato have joined forces to put an epic spin on All American Rejects’ 2005 hit ‘Dirty Little Secret’. This version offers a fun and upbeat tune that builds from the first beat, leading to a classic EDM-style drop. The party vibes that ‘Dirty Little Secret’ offers are accentuated by the strong […]


Reise Releases Maxi-single Compilation, Ripple

Reise Ripple

Reise was formed in West Haven, Connecticut in 2012, born out of a previous collaboration with friend and songwriting partner Matthew Hamilton, called Ophelia. Ophelia was together on a consistent basis for about five years. During that time, Ophelia primarily wrote songs, recorded demos, and worked out structures and ideas. A full band was never […]


Martin Brothers Releases Song “Dynamite”

Martin Brothers

  After their debut album “California” in 2017 and some singles in 2018. The Martin Brothers are back with the song “Dynamite”! The DJ and producer duo used the time to define their style as artists. The brothers let their Los Angeles influenced pop music roots, but they want to get more out of their […]


Novaspace Features Runaground Take Me Back


NOVASPACE INFO Genre Dance / Electronic / Soul Hometown Stockholm / San Francisco Record Label Universal Music Publishing About Producer / Songwriter / Audio Engineer / Producer of Sirius XM BPM’s #1 song of 2015 Biography You can’t say no to a dreamer! ♥ Awards Sirius Xm Bpm #1 song of 2015 – Tydi – […]


DEKALOG releases album EEN

DEKALOG releases EEN

DEKALOG band has recently released an album titled “Een”. The talented team including Sonny Dhanowa, Dan Roberts, Fien Desmet and Amazumi and their collaboration and innovation helped creating this great album. The album has ten exceptional songs which include rap verses with poignant vocals. DEKALOG partnership’s signature sound is the staple of their music. It’s […]


Tanya Nolan Singer and Songwriter Producing Modern R&B and Pop Music

Tanya Bolan

Tanya Nolan has made her name known as a soulful singer and songwriter producing modern R&B and Pop Music. Tanya was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, and currently living in Houston, Texas. She has built an international following by paving her own path with her distinct artistry and distinguished voice. Her soulful / Pop […]