Lord Conrad. The next lord of the EDM?

Lord Conrad

Back in 2013, if you’d ask a school-going 16-year-old — who doesn’t really know or understand exactly what EDM or Electro House Music is — who is the lord of the EDM? You would get the same answer over and over again — Avicii. Avicii, AKA Tim Bergling, a shy, frail Swedish teen defined EDM […]


New York Natives ONEDUO Offer New Paradise Circus

oneduo music

After finishing 2018 with their collaboration ‘It’s Not You’ with TwoWorldsApart featuring Delaney Jane, New York natives ONEDUO have returned to the new year with powerful Paradise Circus single ‘Cross My Heart.’ ONEDUO have been honing their craft since first coming together in 2012, experimenting with a variety of instruments alongside eclectic styles. Comprised of […]


Stella Paris

Stella Paris

I’m based in London, born in Malta, The purpose of my music and brand is to bring people together, bring them joy and soothe their heart and soul. I believe music itself is a spiritual thing. I feel EDM is the perfect music for me to show my musically side, Parties Banging is just the […]


Interview With The Atif Band

The Atif Band

Had the pleasure to interview The Atif Band. Here is how it played out: Hi, how are you? Ans. I am living the dream. Having fun producing records that I always wanted to. With great team. Lot of enthusiasm- gearing momentum with the audience. Just enjoying the entire process from pre- to post-production and promotion […]


2ndVerse Hit The Scene with A Quiet but Confident Precision


2ndVerse is a group who has seemingly come from nowhere has hit the scene with a quiet but confident precision. Something similar to how an icon enters a room, no announcement to be said of like royalty but more of a declaration of presence with hard hitting tracks such as Communication with Oshea, Bad Thing […]


A New Music Duo Called L.O.A.T.

music duo L.O.A.T.

Sachi and Sarka are female music producers and artists, who have started a new music duo called L.O.A.T., based in Brooklyn, New York. They write their own lyrics, produce music and create music videos. Their music experience is about 8 years. They want to bring people authentic music inspired by their daily life situations. The […]


Dress Code’s Underground EP

underground by dress code

When it comes to bringing raw energy and innovation to electronic music, Dress Code‘s  new EP Underground comes out swinging and hits it out of the park with every measure on this 5-track banger. Combining a versatile electronic/EDM signature sound with rock and funk influences, Underground delivers up a tasty original concoction with flavors from yesterday’s favorites and today’s […]




New talented rapper BE Shel is now rising to the top. This versatile artist has had to scratch and Claw his way into the music industry through hard work and a consistent grind. His new single ” While You Playin” expresses this grind through dynamic sounds and powerful vocals. BE Shel spoke briefly on the […]


Illuminati Beatz Releases New single

Illuminati Beatz

  Illuminati Beatz first twirled their way onto the  music scene 2015. At that time, they had alrerady established a reputation as a DJ. Their genre of bending mixes have become a staple. From sampling unconventional music genres to creating new soundscapes with their dazzlingly mixed tracks, Illuminati Beatz has come a long way since their very […]


Joemayk is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer

oemayk is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer

Joemayk is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer of Venezuelan origin, he began his musical career as soloist under the name of Aaron Avanish in 1999 with his simple “Dame”, in 2006 he decided to move to Madrid where he published his first work “A pasos desiertos” which gets an excellent acceptance in 2009, in […]


Using the Cajon Drum in A Studio

cajon drum

Have you ever seen a drummer sitting on a wooden box and playing melodic grooves out of the box? You know, a weird looking box that looks something like a tea chest. If our guess is correct, then what you saw is a Cajon drum. The Cajon drum is a traditional instrument made out of […]


Debut album from singer/songwriter J. Sariah

j.sariah - album art

Debut album from singer/songwriter J. Sariah releasing July 31st with tracks produced by 3Bubble & J. Gray of Live From The Pentagon Entertainment and DJ Izzy Ill, IDreamInStero and Dorothy Chan of Barron Studios in Houston, Texas. Not just a group of unrelated ear-candy, J. Sariah is bringing back the times when albums took listeners […]




Sometimes a band replacing a singer kills it.  Sometimes it makes it better than ever.  With Stone Mob it’s the latter.  If you thought these guys were good before, wait until you hear them now. Led by the incredible guitar stylings of The Shed Master General himself- Blaine Kaltman- Stone Mob has been delivering rollicking, […]


Ricardo Reyes from Guatemala has signed with Hollywood label

Ricardo Reyes

Now the Guatemalan Artist Ricardo Reyes set his goal towards an International Career and a place on the Hollywood Music-Scene. Ricardo Reyes has signed an Exclusive Deal with XCX Artists and together with the well renowned Hollywood Music Producer Geo Slam. The recording of new music with an International Sound is in progress. Geo Slam […]


Corin Gabriella Releases New Video Brooklyn

The new track “Brooklyn” by Corin Gabriella is superb. This track is a gritty portrayal of Gabriella at the place she grew up. She expresses a first hand account of what life is like coming from Sunset Park in Brooklyn, NY. When you listen to the song, you will feel like you are right in Brooklyn with […]


Milo Z and special guests Chapell & American Nomads

Chapell & American Nomads

Acclaimed Wall Street Theater based in Norwalk, CT is set to host a live show from Milo Z with special guests, Chapell & American Nomads, who look to bring out a vibrant and electric show for the audiences. The event will take place on the 19th of May, 2018 with tickets starting at $15, rising […]


Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show

Tom Rawling's Old Ladies Peep Show.

Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show Is Coming To Town Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Le Claire, Iowa Brad Geiger, author of the groundbreaking work Suggestions For Automatics, is releasing a musical album titled Tom Rawling’s Old Ladies Peep Show. Brad Geiger is a musical artist that draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences. Rock […]


Alternative rock band based in Chicago Superbig

Superbig band

Superbig is an alternative rock band based in Chicago, IL, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Jimmy Fountalas, drummer Daniel Hill, lead guitarist Rick Lyons, guitarist Patrick Senorski, and internationally known bassist Chip Z’nuff. Since forming in 2014, the band has played some of Chicago’s most renowned stages, blasting out finely crafted bursts of crowd-pleasing rock n’ […]


Joel Hernandez Releases New Album

  Prodigiously gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist Joel Hernandez is just 20, but the pop-rock wunderkind has already absorbed a lifetime of music. Growing up in El Campo, Texas, he soaked up the region’s diverse soundscapes. Through his multi-generational musician family, he learned how to be a thoughtful and emotive songwriter. Now, he harvests these […]


SHUBA Releases New Single “Stupid”

suba releases new single Stupid

After the critically acclaimed release of the her single ‘Stupid’, Shuba is giving her fans a stunning music video, showcasing why she’s a star on the rise. Shot in NYC, the video illustrates a beautiful, yet emotional side of the Chicago based artist which makes the song even that much more likeable. 21-year-old SHUBA performed […]


Rossemberg Maza Drops New Video

rozzemberg maza

Multilingual musician Rossemberg Maza is back with another hit after 3 years of working on his music. After getting his first two Billboard Chart hits as a teen, he has cultivated his music career. Maza doesn’t conform to any one genre, and that is apparent in his upcoming album ‘A Bad Guy’. ‘Eat It Too […]


Hossein Hostey Teymoori has released several projects

Hossein Hostey Teymoori

Hossein Hostey Teymoori, better known by his stage name Hostey, is an Iranian producer from Tehran, Iran that is currently a popular member of the Push Power Promo music network. Currently 24, Hostey has been working in music production since he was 13 years old. His signature music production software is FL studio. He is […]


Sicc stops by to talk about music


Sicc stops by to talk about music, entertainment and early inspirations. How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job? Sicc: Strict scheduling and extra efforts always help balance the scales between; mate, children, and work. Which famous musicians have you learned from? Sicc: ‎Well I’ve learned from alot if different […]


J-Carter releases new Album Time to Shine

J-Carter is based out of New Jersey. Motivated by a plethora of hip-hop artists who have appeared on the scene during the past 30 years, Carter began his musical journey by writing lyrics at the age of 13. “Time to Shine”, his debut album, has been in the works for nearly 2 years now. “And now it’s here […]


New Video Release by Kaseeno: Comun Y Corriente


Kaseeno releases his third music video, Comun Y Corriente from his EP Trap Party VOL1. Video features Christian “MC” Camacho, son of boxing legend Macho Camacho. Video depicts the daily struggle and motivation is put fourth as both a professional boxer and music artist. Kaseeno is a young and upcoming Latin Trap Artist from Miami, […]


L.D. Skillfully Meshes Hip Hop and Pop on Brand New Single

Beginning his foray into music at the age of five, 20 years later we find Atlanta rep, L.D. ​carving out a lane of his own. Citing influences like Tupac​, Lil Wayne​ and Notorious B.I.G​., L.D. finds strength in meshing hip-hop undertones, with pop sensibility. His latest single is no exception, as blends elements from different […]


Track Seven Band Releases New Video The Try and The Fail

track seven band

Artist: Track Seven Band Song: The Try and The Fail EP: The Try and The Fail Director: Brian Gregory Bio: Website: This week Track Seven Band released their video from the project, the title track — “The Try An The Fail.” The EP is a call to action, and a therapeutic piece of music for the […]


A&L’s 7th single Tell Me When it’s Over

tell me when its over by A&L

A&L’s 7th single Tell Me When it’s Over bridges the gap between today’s Pop and Rock genres. With a melody that will make you sing, killer guitar riffs and a bass line that will make you dance. Pure Pop Rock! “We need more guitar on mainstream radio” says Anthony Casuccio, the “A” in A&L. “That’s […]


Not Too Far to Reach – Jake Ward

Not Too Far to Reach – Jake Ward

Jake Ward was born on the southern shore (Gulf Coast) and with very different musical traditions running through his veins. Country music can often seem to be full of predictable pitfalls and cliches. But there are few artists who paint very different pictures even whilst using the same palette of musical colours like Jake. Even […]