Celeste Buckingham’s Amazing Child Prodigy Songwriting


Continuing our series of posts detailing Celeste’s continuing rise to fame and success, this time we’re focussing on her start in songwriting and the release of her debut single, Blue Guitar in 2011.

Tracking Celeste’s rise and progress over the years gives a fantastic insight into her as a person and the challenges that have made her the resilient fresh new voice in music.

But don’t think that Celeste is a one-trick pony created through a TV show. She was showing all sorts of talent and individuality from a very young age.

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In our last post we highlighted how she wrote a children’s story with her younger sister at the tender age of twelve. However, this was just a precursor to the obsession with music and songwriting that would soon take over her life.

Celeste: Songwriter

Although Celeste and her sister, Carmel, had succeeded in having their co-written children’s story, The Lost Princess, illustrated and published, it was another type of writing that had Celeste truly excited.

Before long Celeste was turning from story writing and working on penning songs. Another undertaking with Carmel saw the sisters create their own band, Anchorage, to perform the songs that Celeste had written with her acoustic guitar.

Anchorage, was named after the town the sisters lived in as toddlers in Alaska before the family moved to Slovakia.

At age 14, Celeste was recording some of her songs on one of the “Anchorage” albums. The studio engineer who was working on the recording asked another studio in the building for some technical help. that other studio was run by then young and startup engineers Andrej Hruška and Martin Šrámek, who were very impressed by the sound they heard and wanted to meet the girl behind the song and the voice.  After finally meeting the then 14 year old Celeste, they were convinced that she was a promising talent and insisted that she would enter the Superstar competition.

It was the talent and determination she showed them that led Andrej Hruška and Martin Šrámek to suggest that she audition for the latest Slovak TV sensation: SuperStar.

The fascination with music, of course, proved to be more than a phase. Such was Celeste’s natural talent and dedication to the craft that she soon began recording her creations as rough demos. One of these was Blue Guitar, apparently written by Celeste when she was just twelve, which would later become her debut single in Slovakia and other European countries in 2011.

Celeste perfected the song with producers, Andrej Hruška and Martin Šrámek, before it was released to generally positive reviews. Amazingly, for such a young singer, Celeste’s voice made an immediate connection with listeners, old and young, and they rewarded her by sending the song to number 7 on the Slovak Hot 50 chart.

Celeste knew what the next step should be for her. She wanted to show more of her personality and find her true place as a serious artist. Aged just 15, having gathered up all her determination and self-belief, she stood before the judges of the hit TV show and introduced herself…

Next post we’ll talk about her performance throughout the 2011 season of SuperStar, so search for Celeste Buckingham for latest news and check back for next post.

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