Chand K Nova New EP: Uncuffed

chand K Nova uncuffed

Chand K Nova is a multi-instrumentalist from London, England. His love for guitar driven music from an early age led to him getting his hands on a guitar and he has rarely put it down since. After teaching himself how to play the songs of the bands he admired growing up, he became bored with just playing and had an urge to create, but was unable to find people to make noise with. This drove Chand to learn a variety of instruments and every instrument played on his recordings has been performed by himself. He then turned his attention to creating instrumental music as an outlet for his creativity and firmly believes that every song composed has it’s own story.

He started by uploading songs on his youtube channel. Positive feedback led him to recording 4 demo albums before eventually getting signed in 2014. In June 2014, “The Solar Bliss E.P”  was released. It consists of songs from his demo albums. The top 5 songs from his earlier recordings were selected from a fan vote. The album recieved favourable reviews and introduced Chand to a new audience. Songs from this album recieved airplay worldwide and have been featured in airplanes as part of in-flight entertainment. “China Man Blues” won Chand an independent music award for “Best Instrumental”. The title track “Solar Bliss” also spawned an idea to create a uniuqe animation series set to his music, with the story progressing with every video that is released. This video also recieved air play worldwide and the second episode is lined up to coincide with the release of “The Wrath Of Chand”. This album features 12 brand new compositions and shows off some of Chands darker side with more shredding than in the debut release. The Wrath Of Chand will add more stories and chapters to his journey, but until we get there.