Corin Gabriella Releases New Video Brooklyn

The new track “Brooklyn” by Corin Gabriella is superb. This track is a gritty portrayal of Gabriella at the place she grew up. She expresses a first hand account of what life is like coming from Sunset Park in Brooklyn, NY. When you listen to the song, you will feel like you are right in Brooklyn with her.

For Corin, it all started as a child in the backyard of her Brooklyn home. Her Father’s side of the Family was musically/creatively gifted. She loved to listen to all types of music. She learned to naturally express herself through her music including her thoughts, feelings, fantasies and everything in between. She is inspired everyday by every encounter of her life. At her Fathers Jam sessions, the call and answer from one conga drum to the other helped Corin realize the call to music and the passion for expressing herself. That made her the artist that she is today. Singer and song-writer Corin Gabriella takes on a new form in her 2nd EP “Untitled”.

Corin’s career began singing in the children’s choir at church as a young one. All through high school Corin would collaborate with talents all over NYC singing on hooks and contributing songwriting talents any way she could. After garnering attention from collaborative works in the underground scene, Corin decided to dedicate her life to write and produce music that was hidden deep in her heart. The stars aligned her with Co-creator Judah Untouchable to create “The Pain EP”.

Her top influences are Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Nasir jones, India Aire, Micheal Jackson. She has many fans who she does not call fans. She considers them to be friends. She thanks them for helping her get through life.

Corin online: