Corlioni – Who is the Guy in the Mask?

If you enjoy catchy melodic dance tunes you may just like the music of Corlioni, this guy is an electronic dance music producer and is based in the UK. Although Corlioni is a Brit his style is in more in line with that of his Nordic counterparts, if I were to say Kygo, Mike Perry and even Alan Walker you would immediately know the kind of material we are talking about.

His tempos range from around 90 bpm upwards so it would probably not surprise you that most of his tracks contain a touch of “Tropical H”, having said that most of his productions “also” lean towards the progressive end of the street. Not only does this lead to an exciting combination of sounds, it leads to a melodic and interesting adventure for his fans.

Although he has previously worked on a number of music projects he prefers to keep those in the past, this is where that mysterious mask comes in. Preferring to stay out of the limelight the mask is both his shield and trademark, if you have not yet heard his music you must check it out. Corlioni is “cool meets mainstream “ and “melody meets mystery”.

Corlioni’s New track “Destiny” is now available on Itunes, Spotify and Amazon