Cris Marshall is an American Country Music Artist

cris marshall country singer

Cris Marshall is an American Country Music Artist raised in a musical home in the small town of Haslet, Texas. He received his first drum set from his father at the age of two. By 8 he was playing his first guitar. Not long since then Cris discovered he had a talent and a love for songwriting. Cris was born into a musical family. Cris got an early introduction to the music scene and life on the stage. Alongside his dad, Cris began performing at some of Dallas/Fort Worth’s most well-known music venues such as Trees, Curtain Club, Ridglea Theatre, Galaxy Club, and The Hard Rock Cafe. It was during these early performances that Chris developed a sound that was all his own. “I remember waiting for my mom to wake up every morning so I could show her all the new songs I wrote the night before. Seeing my parents’ reaction to my music and getting their approval has always been important to me” he said.

“I was performing at a high school talent show in Lake Worth, Texas. I remember the students charging the stage knocking over my parents and others. That day we ended up winning first place for stage performance, creativity, and crowd response.”

Website: https://crismarshall.com/