Composer Dom Capuano to Score Film Starring “The Hulk” Lou Ferrigno

Dom Capuano

Young Talented Italian composer and music producer Dom Capuano, known for multi-award winning dance.pop hits and Hollywood film scoring just signed for a new film starring Lou Ferrigno “The Hulk” and Ian Lauer, “Enter the Fire” directed by Phil Gorn.

Dom recently added a SONY Pictures film to his credits with the movie Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion directed by Stefano Milla and released by SONY Pictures on June 2, 2017.
Like few other composers in the film industry such Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), Dom Capuano has a background in the electronic-pop scene, in fact as a producer-songwriter he has a past participation with various successful pop artists such the Italian band of Eiffel 65 with the multi-platinum album “Europop” which includes the hit Blue (Da Ba Dee). This diverse music background generated a unique hybrid of style in between of electronic techno and symphonic orchestra.

The talented composer-producer is now getting his own career into the industry working on film scores, TV shows, advertisements and new dance-pop songs.

Check out updates about “Enter the Fire” at Dom website: www.domcapuano.com

ABOUT Dom Capuano

Dom Capuano (born Domenico Capuano), is an Italian-born Los Angeles-based composer, songwriter and music producer

He broke through as a producer and songwriter in the mid to late 1990s after crafting a string of hits for pop artists like the Eiffel 65, Da Blitz, the DJ Gabry Ponte and the German Pop Band of Karmah, also has collaborated with several international artists including: Jean Michel Jarre, Kool & The Gang, Laura Pausini, 883, Max Pezzali, Aqua. Zucchero, Nek, Andreas Johnson, Alphaville, Toni Braxton, S Club 7, Busta Rhymes and more…

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