The music of the future of Ejay Ivan Lac, with a thousand shades

Ejay Ivan Lac

The music of the future, created by Ejay Ivan Lac, features different shades, different genres that intertwine, in a sound search that travels between technology and science!

After the success on Jamendo’s music platform, with the latest album titled IO City, the Italian artist is ready to release the new project titled IO City 2: Laboratory!

In this upcoming digital album, there will be new sound searches between Techno, Rock and Glitch Music, which will bring listeners on a hypnotic journey in the depths of sound signals and technological rhythms.

Ejay Ivan Lac has released many commercial albums in various digital stores such as Itunes and Spotify, and many free Jamendo albums, where he collects many recordings of listening and downloading!

Social media:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPw48RO5iCsk_bR3uyQKBwg
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ejayivanlac
Jamendo: https://www.jamendo.com/artist/352097/ejay-ivan-lac/albums
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/1189315252/playlist/4knSvmtgiXa1qCnmztpU5K