Frado180 is a hip hop instrumental artist from NY, NY.

step into mi vida

step into mi vida

House music is now so enmeshed within the musical vernacular that it’s unique vibe can be found scattered through the most commodified of genres: Hip hop, pop, EDM. As DJ Sprinkles reflects it perfectly, “house music is controllable desire you can own.” Nobody controlled it perfectly and enriched it more by channelling the desire for infectious bouncy groove with a hypnotic mix of funk, EDM, Tropical and even progressive like Frado180, an instrumental artist and aspiring Hip hop producer from New York city, NY.

Starting out as a passionate hip-hip DJ  at the age of 15, Frado180 worked hard at the local gas station in order to own his first Turntable. And he never had to look back as a local group “2 in Room” with hit single “Wiggle it” fame soon discovered his talent and helped him produce his first demo.

Recently released on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5i6wd0DMgnQRrkiSi70tcw

At that moment his propulsive force of music truly began to take shape by its zig-zaggying through genres, settling on moments of analogue clarity as well as digital refraction. To enhance his sonic palette even further, Frado180 teamed up with his high school buddy, local artist ROBO. The spirited collaboration got him a deal with MTV raps celebrity Dr. Dre’s indie label “Desperate Men Recordings.”

Frado180 got his first real break when he landed a gig at a record distribution company that eventually gave him an opportunity to work with DJ Absolute in various projects involving famed artists like Gucci Mane, Trey Songz, Jadakiss, Method Man, Rza, Raekwon, Capadonna, A.Z , M.I.M.S , Styles P , Royce The 59, Yo Gotti, Belly, Remy Ma, DMX , Max B, French Montana, Fat Joe, Jaheim, Graph, Bizzy Crook, L.L.Cool J, Noreaga, Capone and many more.

Frado180’s new track, “Step into Mi Vida”, is a feel-good house beat, fitting very easily into the DJ vibe that brings life into electronic music, wonderfully encompassing a wide variety of sounds into his beats. The dreaminess of the rhythmic, exotic funky beat is skillfully mixed with sexy, cathartic fuzzy female vocal at the background  that perfectly complement the rumbling electro synths and top-line vocal samples with the flavour of a little bit of jungle, rave and hip-hop. Beautifully constructed, his beats are tropical on the outside but melancholy on the inside, representing Frado180’s emotions and experiences .

If you want another cool, solid instrumental track to add to your playlist for working out, driving or even partying then this could be it. Frado’s loud, night-out sound is perfect for those who seek thrills in the clubbing scene.

You can also catch him performing regularly through the local scene. Frado180 is currently working on new tracks, exploring the EDM side of the industry to fulfill his continuously shifting creative energy for innovation , and will continue releasing hit numbers with the continued support of his growing fanbase.

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