Interview with Hefe Heetroc, musician, emcee, producer


Hey what’s up, I’m Hefe Heetroc, musician, emcee, producer. I’ve lived in Los Angeles all the way to New York, where I am currently.

Tell me about the music — describe your sound.

Stoner inspired Aquacrunk mixed with liberal amounts of Glitch-Hop, and a bit
of Hip Hop for good measure. Throw some Vapor wave goodness in their, and you’ve come close

How did you get involved in music?

Used to play guitar, took lessons. Learned the beginnings of music theory, chords, song construction, hooks, ext. Began writing poetry & song hybrid’s,
Experimented w/ song structure & melodies

Who/what were some of your influences?

Earl Sweatshirt, Yung Tide, Capital Steez, Russ, Yung Lean
What have you released?

A few albums in 2017;
“Inoculare: Intersecting Dimensions” &
the follow up;
“The Shadow Cabal of the 8 Oligarchs”
What are you currently working on?

Mixtape, working title “Blind Allegiance”,
Looking for a director
for a few new music videos I might release

What have been some of your biggest achievements thus far?

DJ Padrino official DJ of French Montana & Bad Boys group Coke Boys, putting my record in heavy rotation on WRIU FM, RI largest noncommercial radio station, last I heard their reach is 4 states total, that was a good look for me.



What are your goals in the industry?

Expand my brand, create & develop new revenue streams, network w/ other musicians & artists

What’s next for you, professionally?

My mixtapes completion & release Spring 2018;
“Blind Allegiance”,
Working on getting on Pandora. Stay tuned folks!

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