Hossein Hostey Teymoori has released several projects

Hossein Hostey Teymoori

Hossein Hostey Teymoori, better known by his stage name Hostey, is an Iranian producer from Tehran, Iran that is currently a popular member of the Push Power Promo music network. Currently 24, Hostey has been working in music production since he was 13 years old. His signature music production software is FL studio. He is also an experienced pianist, guitar player, and engineer.

Hostey has released several projects that are currently available on iTunes, including his hit Summertime track “Summer Vibes”. His music brings strong endeavor to draw out the inner joy seekers feelings of liveliness and abandonment of care in the setting of a cool summer night. The dance-ability and multiple sounds introduced to the listener significantly increases its replay value. Hostey will be a “must have” producer in the playlist of almost any DJ looking to bring out the animal in any party with a subtle buildup that keeps listeners on their toes ready for more.