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New Anonymous Producer Ice Creme

Ice Creme Music

To begin, for those who may not have heard the name, Ice Creme is an anonymous new producer putting out a new genre often described as “happy go trappy” music in the trap and future bass scene. “I don’t even know who Kanye is!” as he himself has said often, and even sampled in his tracks, that is all you really need to know about him. The artist has been pushing a pretty playful set of releases so far, such as “SPRINKLES”, & a very silly remix of Boys, by Charli XCX which is well on its way to a million plays on Soundcloud.

Our first taste of the talented new artists production style came in the form of a groovy, synth-laced trap release that’s playfully filled with the artist’s bubbly sample-drive beats & name drops.

After just a couple releases, news is beginning to break about the unusual amount of attention that Ice Creme has been receiving. From the colorful kid-friendly website that popped up seemingly over-night (, to the requests for bookings (many just to see if he wears a helmet or not), to the idea that Ice Creme was likely an already established artist working within in the industry is quickly beginning to spread. The bulk of the artist’s hype, of course, is that many fans and DJs are starting to wonder if Ice Creme is the next big “Food DJ” in the line of megastar sugar-based producers to emerge this year. It’s obviously still too early to tell, but he may even be the newest addition to superstar manager Moe Shalizi’s roster of artists, he maybe the newest signee to Monstercat Records, or even marshmello’s record label Joytime Collective.


Ice Creme Music

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