Jared Wesley

jared wesley the rapper

At first glance, the rapper known as Jared Wesley, gives off the appearance of your normal everyday guy. However, it would be a mistake to let the look fool you. He has a talent for making music. He plans to be a pioneer in the music industry by mainly focusing on being creative in Hip-Hop. Jared Wesley’s unique sound comes from the fact that most of his childhood he listened to R&B / Soul, Alternative, and Pop music.

In addition, he wasn’t introduced to Hip-Hop until his early teen years when he first started making Hip-Hop music as a producer / engineer. Due to this exposure to different kinds of music, his ear for music as a producer / engineer and the fact he has never written a line it makes for a unique and unforgettable listening experience anytime you listen to a Jared Wesley record. His overall goal is to open the minds of individuals. He wants to make people more aware of the artistic element behind making Hip-Hop music.

Website + Social Media: wesjared.com

Email: thejaredwesley@gmail.com