L.D. Skillfully Meshes Hip Hop and Pop on Brand New Single

Beginning his foray into music at the age of five, 20 years later we find Atlanta rep, L.D. ​carving out a lane of his own. Citing influences like Tupac​, Lil Wayne​ and Notorious B.I.G​., L.D. finds strength in meshing hip-hop undertones, with pop sensibility. His latest single is no exception, as blends elements from different cultures, all the while remaining refreshingly hip-hop.

It’s accompanying video is a testament to L.D.’s unique and creative talents. As only he can incorporate wild horses, belly dancers and poolside shots into a cohesive visual. Flowing in the same vein as Jay-Z’s insane talent, L.D. never writes anything down. If that’s any indicator to his pending shine, the world will have to watch and wait.

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