Lord Conrad. The next lord of the EDM?

Lord Conrad

Back in 2013, if you’d ask a school-going 16-year-old — who doesn’t really know or understand exactly what EDM or Electro House Music is — who is the lord of the EDM? You would get the same answer over and over again — Avicii.

Avicii, AKA Tim Bergling, a shy, frail Swedish teen defined EDM as one of the stars who became synonymous with the genre itself. Electronic music, which had pretty much been a closet case since the ’70s, came into the world with Avicii. He broke into the scene just when dance music was gaining mainstream popularity. He defined club music for a generation of music fans who’d till then been hooked to pop bands and cult rock bands which had been the go-to music for generations past — parents, older siblings and school seniors.
But when 2016 dawned, for some of us who grew up on a staple EDM diet of Avicii and his peers from Swedish House Mafia, like Axwell and Ingrosso, the new “Italian House Mafia on the block,” Lord Conrad’s unique, robust sound brought this whole new lease of life to the kind of music that stirred us back in 2012. I don’t even remember how or when Lord Conrad made it into my playlist, but I would just play “Fight till the end” and “Touch the Sky” on loop forever in any dance floor — EDM that could make you dance even sitting down! Songs that force you not to skip if comes up on shuffle! Before I knew it, “1 Minute” was my new jam, and “Touch the sky” would get my feet tapping!

Then came the ultimate surprise, “Only you” — a new kind of sound that can only be defined by sparkling rhythms perfectly complemented by dynamic, spiraling melody laid out in different variation to cut the monotony, thriving up on never-heard-before unique texture and multi-sampled waveforms — It’s a masterpiece — full of energy and incredibly danceable timeless stuff! “Only You” instantly became earworms among the EDM fans from Italy and as far as Japan! Played endlessly on smartphones and danced on New Year parties across the continents.
Conrad once again proved that he is capable of creating pop-infused EDM songs tinged with elements of R&B and other genre effortlessly — a mark of a genius Musician! He has already left his mark on Music charts too. All Lord Conrad songs, become famous instantly and are heard on all major web and radio platforms all over the world. His debut number, “Touch the Sky” received over a million and half views on YouTube and still growing. The mixtape entered at 5th position on the EMERGING200 world official chart. Conrad’s fresh, innovative music is more hip, millennial take on EDM.

But unlike other world famous DJs and EDM gurus, Lord Conrad is a multitalented, versatile artist who has made his mark in almost all forms of art. A DJ, Music Composer, Songwriter, Dancer, Model, Aesthetic Guru, Personal Trainer, TV personality, Trader, technology & videogames enthusiastic — you name what you want to see in your favorite celebrity – glamour, sex appeal, fashion, style, on stage performance, charismatic presence and Lord Conrad is the sum of all and even more as he is constantly changing himself like a dynamically modulated synthesised bass. He is the only Diva in the male world! Entertainment world have never seen such perfect combination of musical brain and beauty — particularly his enviable six-pack hunk body full of masculinity and virility! He is also a no stranger to celebrated clubs in Milan’s nightlife — the fashion hub of the world — as a guest of honor surrounded by constant media attention and gossip.

Lord Conrad is not only Lord of EDM, he also took his passion of working for humanitarian causes to the level of the Jesus the lord and saviour! Conrad dedicate his new single Only You to all the victims of Sfera Ebbastas concert in Ancona with powerful message of hope, of strength in order to help raise public awareness against pitiful and distracting dangers to make concerts safer for the music fans.

Conrad is also a vocal campaigner against drugs, violence and stress that is affecting today’s young generation.

Let me bring Avicii’s case here again. The superstar was recently found dead on the tour, he was only 28! Through his musical career, he was regularly featured on the rankings of the world’s most successful, highest paid DJs, but at 28, he is now gone! The perils of peaking too early in one’s musical career, have been seen time after time. Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain are all examples of artists who attained the peak of their popularity at a very young age, but unfortunately died at 27 — the jinxed age for many a musical career. Most, if not all, died of a drug overdose or became lost for not being able to cope with the fan expectations and career pressure. In a letter to his fans, Avicii had written, “I know I am blessed to be able to travel all around the world and perform, but I have too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist.”

Lord Conrad seems totally understand the pitfalls of the career in the entertainment industry and how to effectively cope with the relevant stress associated with the balancing between creative work and personal life. Therefore, the millennium life style guru’s message to all the youths is: Follow your dreams with persistence, follow your passions, put all your effort, love and excitement in your goals in order to affirm yourself and not in drugs, violence and envy that will bring you to an assured failure.

Now tell me, who is the real Lord?