Rev Peter Unger – Songs Of Grace

Rev Peter Unger New Album

Rev Peter Unger’s “Songs Of Grace” reflects upon the power of spirituality. Light and airy album possesses a naturalistic, pastoral quality to it. Every track is instrumentally rich. It offers yet another glimpse at a life lived to the fullest. Fully aware of the many twists and turns of life challenges, the pieces focus on faith. With this expression of faith, a communal quality takes hold which feels deeply reassuring. Over the course of the album narrative forms, every song is yet another chapter in inner development and self-reflection of human being.

“Fall Away” sets the tone for the album with resonant crisp guitar work. Rev Peter Unger sings with hope in the future. Possessing a bit more of an American Primitive quality to the acoustic guitar work “That’s Where Angels Are Found” unfolds with such care. One of the highlights comes from the tenderness of “I Am a Walking Man”. Quite elegant “Hark Hark the Lord Has Risen” opts for a cinematic quality. Forgoing the guitar, Rev Peter Unger delves into an orchestral approach with many layers intermingle into a glorious wash. With a timeless classic quality “At Heaven’s Door” chooses to follow a carefully crafted folk-inflected path. Poetic with its articulate lyrics “Christmas Cards” sweeps through with such happiness. Neatly bringing the album to a warm and communal close is the wonder of “Only Grace”.