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During your life, you sometimes lose your loved ones. By death, abandonment, conscious decision of one’s own, or simply because you are too busy with your work or circumstances in life, you could not stay in touch. Yet, you can’t get certain people out of your head, even if they have not been part of your life for many years. Moments, memories and faces are part of the everyday thoughts and they can not be switched off or repressed. These are the thoughts that Rob Georg’s song “Ghost” describes. Moments that can only take place in your head, because it is no longer possible to spend time with that person.

Throughout his life, music has been Rob Georg’s constant companion, comforting him in gloomy times and inspiring him in happy. For Rob, there is no better way to express feelings than singing accompanied by his guitar.​

Influenced by the cowboy lifestyle, country music owns a big part of his musical passion. In various performances at family and friends events, Rob was always told, to do more with music in his life. As a result, the desire to record 2 self-written songs in Nashville one day got priority on his bucket-list. Rob fulfilled himself this wish in March 2018. He had not hoped to come back to Germany with more than an office-burned CD with his 2 own songs on it for his CD shelf at home. However, his vocal coach and recording studio, Kristin K. Smith, saw things differently and as the song was recorded, she gave him advice to publish the song in different ways and to give music a new status in future.

“Carry The Wind” and “Dust” were the first of many heading fans’ way in 2019 and they aren’t the last. In the coming months, Rob Georg plans on releasing five more new singles including “Ghost,” “Time For Some Ink,” “Sunsets at the Ranch,” “Beast of Steel,” and “Harvest Moon Heart” between May and October 2019. With his previous releases, he was able to land in rotation on one of Europe’s largest internet radio stations, Raute Musik FM. He has also charted in the US. He’s currently in the Top 40 on National Radio Hits with “This Ain’t My First Rodeo,” and has cracked the top 100 on the Top100 Charts, the top 30 on the Country Internet Main Chart, and the top 10 on the AC US Western Region Charts. Robert has also been featured in Stereo Stickman, The Bandcamp Diaries, Ratings Game Music, Fresh Out of the Booth, and more. So there is no telling how far his new releases will go.

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