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Steve Ryan The Singer Songwriter Author

Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan has released 3 full length albums, authored 4 books, co-written 5 books, narrated over 100 book projects for publishing companies and authors and has other various acting credits.  He’s affiliated with multiple organisations in which some of the best in his industries are members of. He is a voting member in NARAS (Grammy™ Recording Academy) and as a songwriter, he is represented by BMI. He is also a member of the Audio Publisher’s Association and a SAG/AFTRA eligible actor.

His music has been described as inspirational, thought-provoking and enjoyable.  His lyrics are really great.  His books have been described as speaking straight to people’s heart.  When you research Steve Ryan, you will discover that he has a big following and when you listen to his music or audiobooks or read one of his books, you will see why.

Steve Ryan’s musical background was primarily a songwriter before he released his first album.  He wrote songs for other artists and originally found his way into the music industry through songwriting and occasional performances at various shows.

He made his official debut as an artist in 2010 with his first release, ‘’Steve Ryan Presents.’’  This album was meant to be a demo and it received a surprisingly overwhelming positive reaction from new fans and solidified Steve Ryan’s influence as an Artist.

In 2012, he released an EP album called intermission. This Album made it into the best sellers category on Amazon that year.

In 2013, Steve Ryan released his 2nd full length album called ”Boundless Moments”.  In 2014, he released his 3rd full length album which was an all instrumental album called, ‘’Feel at Ease.’’

Steve Ryan’s writing background began in his childhood.  He wrote numerous poems and short stories for recreation.  He didn’t make plans to be an author.  Although he was a hired writer on different book projects, he didn’t have plans to release his own books.  After so many people’s reaction to his writings and poems at different poetry readings and blog postings, he decided to release his two books, ‘’Christmas Poetry For Everyone’’ and ‘’Love Poems: Are You The One?’’ in 2013.  ‘’Love Poems : Are You The One?’’ was a best seller on Amazon in its category and still is doing well to this day.

In 2014, Steve Ryan released Poemas de Amor : Seras tu? (The Spanish version of Love Poems: Are You The One?) and Life Destiny.  He has also released Audiobook versions of all of his books in 2014.

Steve Ryan’s authoring is not limited to poetry books.  He is currently working on self-help books and various novels, which will be released in the future.

People was also drawn to Steve Ryan’s speaking voice and he was constantly told that he should do narrations and voice overs.  Those people were right.  To date, Steve Ryan has narrated over a 100 projects for various publishing companies and authors.  Many of these audiobooks are available on Audible, iTunes & Amazon.

Steve Ryan has so many platforms in which he reaches his audience.  His story will continue to unfold as he do what he does best, touch people’s hearts and mind through his works.


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