Sometimes a band replacing a singer kills it.  Sometimes it makes it better than ever.  With Stone Mob it’s the latter.  If you thought these guys were good before, wait until you hear them now.

Led by the incredible guitar stylings of The Shed Master General himself- Blaine Kaltman- Stone Mob has been delivering rollicking, headbanging, party-rock since they formed in 2017.  Blaine has a well-earned reputation for playing some of the fastest most inventive guitar licks you’ve ever heard, and Stone Mob has a rep for bringing the party.  And now with the addition of new vocalist Matt Ross these guys are at the absolute top of their game.

Their recent show in Virginia- just fifteen minutes long because it was a band contest and they were billed with 5 other local top bands- nearly brought the house down.  Video footage on Stone Mob’s Facebook page is testament to the sheer power, energy, and magnificent talent of this band.

Andy Hamburger’s drumming is a powerful mix of hard-hitting time keeping and intricate fills.  Matt Everhart- filling in for studio bassist Eric Scott- rose to the task by laying down a thunderous bassline.  And, it almost goes without saying, but The Shred Master General amazed the crowd by flawlessly playing ridiculously hard riffs while grinning ear to ear, spending more time leaping in the air than with his feet on the stage.

But the real treat of the night was Stone Mob’s welcoming of new vocalist Matt Ross.  His voice was powerful, finely tuned, and his stage presence declared him able to front this talented band with gusto. If he’s this good live, imagine how he’s going to sound in the studio.  It’s been too long Stone Mob- I’m talking to you Mr. Kaltman- I understand you’re the genius behind the music and videos-  when are we going to get new Stone Mob material?  Your fans are waiting!

As inaugural shows go, this one hails the start of an era.  Because the new improved Stone Mob absolutely rocks its powerful butt off!

Check out the video and more about Stone Mob at https://www.facebook.com/stonemobrising/