Tanya Nolan Singer and Songwriter Producing Modern R&B and Pop Music

Tanya Bolan

Taniya NolanTanya Nolan has made her name known as a soulful singer and songwriter producing modern R&B and Pop Music. Tanya was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, and currently living in Houston, Texas. She has built an international following by paving her own path with her distinct artistry and distinguished voice. Her soulful / Pop / R &B style is notable for a lyrical depth and narrative that’s refreshingly substantive for her style of music.

From an early age, Tanya admired some of the great artists that came before her, only because she was, and still is fascinated with many genres of music. All of Tanya’s musical experiences have molded her into an artist who has an authentic sound. She has been performing with live bands since the age of 15. In addition, Tanya Nolan has shared the stage with many Celebrities and will undoubtedly turn heads with her latest music releases.

Her latest song Love Ya constitutes the first major release of 2019 for artist Tanya Nolan. Featuring Kirko Bangz, this heartfelt jam really demonstrates the prowess of Tanya’s vocals. Her confident delivery and the effortless way she seems to belt out these lyrics makes it almost look easy. Tanya’s vocal performance on this song is so strong it would have even impressed Simon Cowell. Her powerful voice simply drives the action here, all the way through.


Love Ya is a soulful / pop / r&b style song, notable for a lyrical depth and narrative that’s refreshingly substantive for this style of music. The track deals with couples struggling through their relationship issues. Romantic parties articulate their grievances and frustrations. In one instance, ultimately there’s a realization that the girl must shut this person out of her life, even while she freely admits she still loves him just the same. Rapper Kirko Bangz takes on a role in a hip hop interlude as a romantic interests, where he acknowledges he can never be all that she wants him to be. The video for this song is impressive not just because of the production but because it manages to deal us an engaging story of how love endures hardship. A lot of people clearly worked very hard on this track, and it shows.