The Black City from Turin are performing the best of all things soul music

the black city funk tour


Since 2015 The Black City from Turin are performing the best of all things soul music. In 2019 with the Wake Up. The Funk tour, the band skilled in the genre of funk, soul, rock and blues, take their eclectic fusion on the road in Europe.

Infected by that signature funky groove that gets everyone moving, whatever the venue, the outcome is the same…the crowd dancing and having a great time. This is The Black City effect; they transfer their audience to where music lives.

The Black City have played with Lola Gulley, the legendary Queen of the Blues from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and Evelyn Rubio, sax player and singer from Texas (USA).
Before forming The Black City, the three musicians have enjoyed individual success, performing nationally and internationally as part of leading bands: Lou Bega,Tribà, Calipson, Abnoba and Ossi Duri.

From the band: Inspired by the greats that came before us, we play the funk music we love, but influenced by our own stories as musicians – blues, rock, latin and even reggae all find their way into this album that asks to be listened to actively and not passively as we are becoming so used to. Take a little time to enjoy listening to a story, each song its own unique chapter rooted in pure funk.